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JOY Story
Bonnie Parkinson

JOY Story - Bonnie Parkinson

“My sweet friend Bonnie reached out to you this week about how she is participating in this year's virtual race. What she has accomplished in the last few months, with the Lord's hand, has been truly miraculous- to sign up for this 5k in August with no idea with no real way to accomplish it. What she did have is an amazing fight for this mission. And God has just shown up: every.single.day. [br /] My thought is this: I am considering flying down and bringing her to the 5k in person. How cool and awesome would it be to have Bonnie actually start the race, then I could walk her in the wheelchair and then she could actually finish the race with her own feet!”[br /] To which we replied: “We're in.”[br /] [br /] Last Christmas, we received an email from a listener in New Hampshire named Tamara. Several years ago, she formed a friendship with Bonnie, a listener and supporter from Florida. Bonnie was one of our favorite phone room volunteers until she had a strike about 8 years ago. With limited mobility and support from her biggest cheerleader Tamara, Bonnie accomplished the seemingly impossible! Watch her story now!