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Posted on Feb 10, 2020 by Russell Brooks

“Today, nothing is as personal and emotional to us as our phones. But although we use them 24/7 to communicate, we seem to feel lonelier, not happier,” Sinch CMO Jonathan Bean told Good News Network. “At Sinch, we believe mobile communication is the solution, not the problem. So what if people could start to get unconditional love from the phones we love unconditionally?

“We made the world’s first texting switchboard, where you send a text you would love to get, to a stranger,” he continued. “And in turn, you receive a text that someone in the world right now needs to hear. Because we’re more open and honest with strangers, these words have the potential to be relevant, personal and powerful. After all, we are human.”

All users have to do is text the word “Join” to the corresponding Text for Humanity phone number of their country.

Good News Network

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