Business & Ministry Partnerships

Business Ministry Partners

As a non-profit radio station, The JOY FM offers what’s referred to as “Underwriting Announcements.” These can be used to promote an upcoming event, a local ministry, or even to brand your business. As a listener-supported station, The JOY FM relies on the generosity of our listeners to remain on the air in our community.   One way to support our ministry is for businesses and ministries to make a monthly contribution in return for Underwriting Announcements. The Underwriting Announcements are 30 seconds in length.   These 30 second announcements are usually packaged together on a monthly basis to brand the business or ministry with our loyal listening audience. Short-term spot schedules and web banners are also available.

For more info: Please complete this FORM and we will have one of our team members contact you. Or you may call our office at 334-699-5672. We look forward to working with you.