Meet Bill

Bill Martin

Bill Martin

…Carmen answering for Bill… 

1.) If Bill weren’t doing radio today, what other job would he have? Theological Professor at a High Falootin’ British University 

2.) Where can we find Bill when he is not working? Laid over his desk sound asleep. He actually fell asleep on air once. True story. Audio to prove it. 

3.) If you had to write a book about Bill’s life, what would the title be? Complicated: How to Complicate a Complicated Life. 

4.) What actor/actress would play Bill in a movie about The Morning Cruise? OR What celebrity would Bill be mistaken for? David Hyde Pierce

5.) What song/ JOY FM artist does Bill keep his headphones on for when it is played? Any high-concept, allegorical, theologically sound, musically fulfilling, pre-suppositional, lyrically rich …. yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying either …. but yeah, those songs. 

6.) What are people surprised to learn about BillThat he has a Latin bumper stumper on his car. Yes, Latin. I would tell you what it says, but I can’t read Latin. 

7.) What’s the most unusual item in Bill’s office? A Millennium Falcon Kite.  I’ve never see him fly it.  

8.) What’s the best/worst gift Bill has given you? I have to get sentimental on at least one…. The best gifts Bill has ever given me have been the intangible gifts. Among them are the gift of his time, his wisdom, and his Godly, brotherly counsel.  The one thing I can totally attribute to Bill is learning to assume the best in others. It took him years, but he helped me re-wire my brain to believe the best FIRST, before jumping to conclusions or assuming the worst. 

9.) If The Morning Cruise were in High School, what superlative would you give Bill the award for? Most Studious. 

10.) If The Morning Cruise were stranded on a desert island, what would you rely on Bill for? Prayer and Entertainment. 

11.) If Bill had to enter a competition for the “Most Uselessly Unique Talent,” what would his talent be? Perfect “My Fitness Pal” Logger. Doesn’t miss a morsel.

12.) What punctuation mark best describes Bill’s personality? Why? Question mark. Because he questions everything. It’s the news reporter in him. He always has to question both sides and work his way back to draw a conclusion. It’s actually a valuable gift. Here’s the problem: we always arrive at the same place. I have just had to learn how to keep my mouth shut and give him time to get there. Hurrying him along the way only slows him down. 

13.) Most memorable on-air moment with Bill? See #2. Fell asleep on air.  But now that you’ve asked, it makes me want to go back and dig through our archives. Of course, lots of memorable on-air moments with Bill happen with him (trying to) pull me out of the holes I routinely dig for myself.

14.) If Bill were the eighth dwarf, what would his name be? Confused.

15.) What JOY FM song most describes BillOverwhelmed. By Bill’s own admission, the world moves way too fast for him.