The Morning Cruise Replay - You Name It

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

You name it, we talked about it on today's show. Carmen gave us a review of How To Tell The Truth by Preston Perry and she even joined Goodreads! Jules has some catching up to do on the book though. 

Dave told us the story of Kerry Livgren of Kansas and how he came back to the faith after long conversations with the lead singer of another band told him the Truth. 

Did you know you could read a 7-page article on berries? Bill did and he shared more information than we could think of on the fruits.

Dave shared the story of Will Ferrell being embarrassed by his real first name growing up to share how Dave had his own name messed up growing up. 

But Dave was not alone as we heard from several listeners who had similar issues. 

Carmen has difficulty pronouncing his name but shared some great insight from Dr. James DiNicolantonio. 

On this day, 515 years ago, John Calvin was born. Bill told us some of the historical significance, in particular, about the Huguenots. Sharing this story, Carmen was reminded of a time that they were meeting at a McDonald's and the conversation got a little bit louder than they anticipated. 


00:32 How To Tell The Truth - Carmen's Review 

05:14 Goodreads 

07:49 Jules on How To Tell The Truth 

09:57 Kerry Livgren and Kansas

17:37 Berries in The Wall Street Journal

22:04 Cotton Candy grapes, etc... 

25:15 Messing up Dave's name in school 

29:40 Messing up names texts 

32:50 Boost Your Happy Hormones 

39:07 Cool Girl Walk  

43:30 John Calvin's Birthday and Huguenots 

48:34 Our Calvinism debate at McDonald's 

52:42 Bill's BIG Word 

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