The Morning Cruise Replay - Oh! Really!!

Friday, September 15, 2023

It's hard to believe but Sharathon starts next Tuesday! And in celebration of that, we've been sharing videos telling the 37-year history of the station. This morning, Chapter 4 was released on social media and tells the story of Jayar joining the station as well as expanding into Tampa and Atlanta. 

Dave told us how he believes that roller skating will see a surge in popularity, in part, because of a new show from Chip and Joanna Gaines. 

Carmen shared with us that USA Today is really trying to hire someone just to report on Taylor Swift news. 

Bill is really watching football... or at least his wife is, so he is too! 

Justin and Trisha Davis joined us this morning. The last time they were here they shared their incredible story of restoration in marriage that they told in their book, Beyond Ordinary. Justin has a new book coming out in early October, Being Real > Being Perfect. We also learned that they both found out the men they called "Dad", were not their biological fathers. 

00:32 Sharathon 

05:24 Chapter 4 video 

07:03 Roller Skating with Chip and Joanna 

11:53 Taylor Swift USA Today Reporter Job 

13:59 Sharathon video 

16:26 Kimberly watching Thursday Night Football 

19:58 It's Been A Minute with Justin and Trisha Davis 

27:41 Revelations 

34:33 Being Real > Being Perfect 

41:19 Identity Formation 

47:31 Marriages in Crisis 

54:33 Responses to Text Questions 


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