The Morning Cruise Replay - What's The Plan?

Friday, July 07, 2023

We're still trying to figure out Threads, the new social media platform. 

We're all aging. But, are we aging gracefully? Bill has some thoughts on helping us move in that direction. And Carmen shared a thought to help that perspective as well. 

Jules joined us once again to tell us how her daughters plan to make money over the summer. But the babysitting gig didn't go according to plan recently. That had us thinking about our first jobs and how different they are than the career path that we each took. And we heard from many of you as well on your first jobs. 

If you haven't already made plans to see Sound of Freedom, make them. And then plan to stay all the way to the end as there is more in the credits that you need to see as well. 

Bill has a strategy in place to pick up a product in Trader Joe's this weekend but he isn't giving us all of his plans in the hopes that his strategy will work. 

00:32 Threads, Day 2 

03:12 How To Show Up In Life 

06:53 Aging Gracefully 

10:49 Aging Perspective 

14:08 Jules - babysitting money 

16:30 Carmen's Dry Cleaner Job 

20:04 Bill's first job 

22:42 Dave's first job 

27:08 Sound Of Freedom Early Reviews 

29:46 Sound Of Freedom's Call To Action 

34:31 Trader Joe's Shopping Strategy for Bill 

38:29 First job texts 

41:20 Bill's BIG Word 



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