The Morning Cruise Replay - Common Threads

Thursday, July 06, 2023

What is the common thread between a root canal and the Red Sea? Carmen fills us in on her tooth issue. And she's not alone as we heard from one listener who had a tooth issue but can't do anything about it for awhile. 

The importance of community with like minded people is more prevalent today with studies on loneliness showing an increase. 

Music is a common thread for us being a Christian radio station and one song that has been on repeat for us is Blessed Assurance by Cain with David Leonard. 

Dave was reminded of the killer bee threat in the 1970s and the movies made around that threat when he saw a story about a woman who was attacked recently in her own home.

And speaking of movies, Dave shared the news that a possible reboot of the Narnia movies may happen on Netflix and the director that may make it happen has a movie out right now that is all the buzz with Barbie. 

Our non-sports guy brought us 2 stories from the world of sports as Amy Olson will be among the field teeing off at the US Women's Open at Pebble Beach and she will be competing at 7 months pregnant. And closer to home, Bill told us how the leader of the women's race in the Peachtree Road Race took a wrong turn that cost her the lead and a significant prize. 

With their 60th high school reunion coming up, some high school sweethearts have gone viral after reconnecting and a proposal at the airport in Tampa. 

There's a new social media platform that we're all trying to figure out as it was released to the masses yesterday. Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg have their answer to Twitter with Threads. 

00:32 Root Canal and Red Sea 

05:12 text from pregnant listener

07:14 New Study on Loneliness and Community 

13:52 How To Find Community 

19:04 Blessed Assurance - Cain with David Leonard 

22:53 Killer Bees 

26:04 Barbie and Possible Narnia Movies 

29:14 US Women's Open/ Amy Olson 

32:29 Peachtree Road Race Women's Leader takes wrong turn 

34:46 Proposal at Tampa Airport 

38:17 Threads 

42:25 Bill's BIG Word 

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