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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

No, we didn't do a live broadcast from the store at the local mall. It's the weather and a few popular things that led to today's title of The Morning Cruise Replay. 

Dave got us started by telling us about a paramedic who not only saved the life of one man, but saved his daughter's life by donating a kidney. 

Carmen's new favorite game is Connections, a word game from The New York Times and she wondered if Dave and Bill continued to play. 

It was a lowkey Fourth for Carmen and Dave as they watched fireworks from home. For Bill, he got to see his granddaughter's reaction to fireworks for the first time. 

The fire hazards from fireworks had some cities trying a new way to entertain the masses with a patriotic drone light show. 

Bill shared a blog post from Tim Challies to help parents with a prayer for an unbelieving child. 

Carmen has been all about soft foods after losing a crown on Sunday. 

Monday was the hottest day on record across the globe. Bill had some creative ways folks used to keep cool before air conditioning and Carmen shared how her UK- based friend is dealing with the heat and not having air conditioning. 

Cottage cheese is the hot new food trend on social media. But Dave tells us there is more to it than we realized. 

Bill told us about a survey that says we tend to frequent 25 hot spots in our lifetime. But he wants to know what vacation spots you haven't been to but your friends have. 


00:32 Paramedic saves Father and Daughter

03:18 Connections Game 

06:06 Fireworks on the Fourth 

10:40 Drone Shows 

15:02 Prayer for an Unbelieving Child 

19:03 Clarification of The Gospel 

22:26 Carmen's lost crown 

26:32 Global Heat 

28:23 Keeping Cool Before Air Conditioning 

33:24 Carmen's UK friend and her shutters 

36:06 Gen Z and Cottage Cheese 

39:16 Cottage Cheese PR Campaign 

43:30 We go 25 places 

46:50 Place You've Never Been 

50:35 Bill's BIG Word 

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