The Morning Cruise Replay - Be Prepared

Monday, July 03, 2023

On the eve of this 4th of July, it's appropriate to use the Boy Scout motto as the title of today's episode of The Morning Cruise Replay as we spent the morning getting you ready to celebrate Independence Day. 

On the way in this morning, Dave was surprised to see a little more traffic than he anticipated at that hour of the morning. 

Bill isn't quite sure if his calendar on his phone is working properly with fireworks going off for several days. 

Carmen's got a new word game from The New York Times that she had Dave and Bill try. 

A new movie hits theatres nationwide tomorrow and it tackles a touch subject. Sound Of Freedom shares the story of Tim Ballard and his work to combat child trafficking. Carley Boyette sat down with Tim and the man who plays him in the film, Jim Caviezel. 

Dave shared a few benefits from coffee that aren't related to caffeine. But Carmen is a bit concerned with her own coffee habits. 

Bill is getting ready for his vacation to the Blue Ridge mountains. He and his wife sat down to make plans and were surprised to learn a few things as he made some "appointments". 

Carmen was excited to hear that Bill's family hopes to make the Blue Ridge Scenic Express and shared a short clip of the guide that she had on their family vacation. 

Dave shared some common grilling mistakes and some tips from professional chefs on not only cooking but cleaning the grill as well. 

00:32 Travel and Grilling for the 4th. 

04:07 Fireworks 

07:36 Connections Word Game 

10:32 Connections Results 

13:34 Sound of Freedom 

15:31 Carley Boyette's Interview with Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard 

20:09 Coffee health not just limited to caffeine

24:22 Carmen's coffee concern 

28:47 Bill's vacation appointments 

32:33 Carmen's Blue Ridge Tour Guide 

34:20 Pro Chefs and Grilling Mistakes 

38:26 More Grilling Tips 

40:26 Bill's BIG Word 

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