The Morning Cruise Replay - A Change of Scenery

Friday, June 30, 2023

Bill wants to change what he pairs his sauerkraut with and needed your ideas.

Carmen shared the latest internet debate of where you should store your ketchup. Dave gave us a lot more info than we ever needed to know on the popular condiment. 

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing their retail store locations but the brand will live on online and will be changing their name with this move. 

Carmen is trying to figure out where she should take her vacation and asked for your suggestions. 

Bill told us how to practice hospitality. 

Dave told us how Koreans woke up earlier this week a year or two younger. 

Carmen thinks Dave is an influencer after her husband brought home some Ginger Beer after hearing Dave talk about it. 

00:32 Sauerkraut without hot doge

03:29 Recipes from texts 

05:07 Heinz ketchup in fridge? 

08:15 Development of bottled ketchup 

11:18 Bed Bath & Beyond/ 

17:15 alternative to Bed Bath & Beyond 

18:35 Carmen looking for a vacay spot 

23:50 text responses 

26:46 How To Practice Hospitality 

31:54 Thoughts on Hospitality 

36:26 Korean Age Change

41:51 Ginger Beer 

44:10 Bill's BIG Word 

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