The Morning Cruise Replay - No Messing About

Friday, June 09, 2023

Carmen was reading the New Living Translation of Psalm 119 and it certainly cleared things up for her. As did Dave and Bill when she asked about the "Pearls Before Swine" phrase. 

Last week at our industry conference, Cain took us to church with their rendition of Blessed Assurance. 

Bill is excited to attend a high church service tomorrow for his friend's consecration as a bishop in the Episcopal church. 

Pizza Hut in New York City is offering up a unique flavor combination this weekend only with their "pickle pizza". 

Jules recently had a fruit fly infestation and she had to find what the mess was that led to this issue. She also shared that she needs to stop messing around while making the dinner rolls, especially when company comes over for a meal. And she's always up for a good prank. Sometimes those pranks are directed at her own parents! 

Initially, Bill was excited to try some new products from Pringles, but he doesn't like it when they mess with a good thing and add powdered flavorings. 

Yesterday, we learned about Wordle Golf and had planned to play the game together this morning, but Bill messed up. But there may be more ways to mess up as we learned all the rules for the new variation on the game. 

When it comes to God's Word, Carmen shared a reminder with us to not mess around and "snack on his Word". 

And we loved Blessed Assurance so much, we just had to play it again to end the show. 

00:32 Psalm 119..."Give Me The Sense..." 

04:19 Pearls Before Swine 

05:52 Cain's Blessed Assurance 

08:20 Celebrating Bishop Justin Holcomb 

12:19 Pickle Pizza This Weekend 

14:46 Jules - Fruit Flies 

17:32 Jules - Dinner Rolls 

21:34 Jules - Parent Prank 

25:40 New Pringles 

29:37 Wordle Golf - Bill messed up 

32:10 Update and Plan 

35:17 Rules 

38:40 Don't Snack on God's Word 

42:38 Ending the show with Blessed Assurance 


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