The Morning Cruise Replay - Challenges and Celebrations

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Today was a day all about challenges and celebrations on The Morning Cruise! Bill is struggling to get to work on time this week even with 4 alarms set! 

One man in Finland has a hefty challenge ahead of him after getting his third speeding ticket and a fine over $120K! 

Carmen shared from 1 Kings 2 and the deathbed commentary from David looking for his son to avenge his death and that led to a conversation about the challenging parts of scripture. 

Carmen has shared several times about storing butter at room temperature rather than refrigerated. Bill has struggled with that as he has had some butter turn sour. We discussed the debate over butter storage and it turns out that making homemade butter is not that much of a challenge as kids can do it! 

Last week, at an industry event, The JOY FM was awarded the 2023 Major Market Station of the Year and its all because of you, the listeners! 

But even with the recent accolades, we are asking you to pray for us. 

The wildfires in Canada are presenting issues for many in New York, including runners on this National Running Day. 

Not only is today National Running Day, it's Bill 32nd wedding anniversary with Kimberly! 

One company suffered a pink paint shortage as the Barbie movie required much of their supply for the set of the film! 

Carmen and Brandon Heath were on vacation together when Brandon asked about Ben Fuller. Carmen told him as much as she knew about him, but it turns out she may have been a bit premature in celebrating his relationship. 

Sometimes telling Dave and Bill apart on the radio is a bit of a challenge as we heard from Carrie in Jacksonville! 

Not only is today National Running Day and Bill's wedding anniversary, it's Michelle Tellone's birthday! 


00:32 Struggle with being on time 

04:34 A Speeding Ticket in Finland 

07:39 David's Deathbed Hit 

14:02 Challenging part of Scripture

18:32 Butter Storage Debate 

22:32 Butter making for kids 

25:45 2023 Station of the Year! 

31:33 Pray For Us 

33:08 Canadian Wildfires 

36:15 Bill & Kimberly's 32nd Wedding Anniversary 

38:09 Barbie Movie and Pink Paint Shortage 

43:12 Ben Fuller "engaged" story 

46:33 Call from listener - who's who? 

48:12 Call to Michelle - HBD! 

51:16 Bill's BIG Word 

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