The Morning Cruise Replay - What's New?

Monday, June 05, 2023

Dave and Bill are back after a couple of days away at an industry conference and they've got some news to share but will wait till Carmen is back (she was at the same conference but was out sick today). Bill's son, Grady, along with his wife, Kimberly, are taking some youth from their church to a summer camp this week and they will surely have some new experiences to last a lifetime. Dave shared a few memories from his summer camp days with us as well. 

Bill reminded us of some VBS opportunities for kids across our listening areas on the Family Calendar at 

Bill tried a new summertime dinner option for his family with Turkey Sloppy Joes and a Mexican Street Corn Salad. 

A new offering from the folks at Jell-O is a collaboration with Aha! Sparkling Water has us wondering just how tasty that pairing would be. 

Dave shared how Arnold Schwarzenegger has interest in reviving the Conan the Barbarian movie franchise but that had us wondering which movie franchises need to stop making movies.

There's a new National Spelling Bee winner and he hails from Largo, Florida! 

Bill got us thinking about some new food options for deep space and what would be good options for a contest entry. That had Dave thinking about Space sticks from back in the day. 

And also in the food news there is a couple of new options being added to the fast food burger war arsenal. 

00:32 Resetting on the weekend 

04:35 Summer Camps 

07:26 Dave's Summer Camp Stories 

10:10 VBS listings on the family calendar 

11:57 Turkey Sloppy Joes and Mexican Street Corn Salad 

14:48 Sparkling Jell-O

17:52 Conan trilogy?/ Movie franchises that need to stop 

22:05 text responses

24:55 Across The Spider-Verse at the Box Office 

25:13 National Spelling Bee Winner 

27:26 New Foods for Deep Space 

31:17 Space Sticks 

35:13 Burger Wars new offerings 

37:49 Bill's BIG Word 




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