The Morning Cruise Replay- Thirst Quenching

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

You won't go thirsty after today's show! Self-watering plants, a new water bottle for Carmen, a study on coffee from Bill and Dave considering making the switch from gas guzzling truck to a hybrid were all a part of today's show. For those thirsty for fashion, Bill has some thoughts on men's jeans from his favorite fashion source. Carmen threw a lifeline to those drowning in anxiety and depression in the form of several sermons from Louie Giglio. And Dave filled up our musical cups with a new song from Iveth Luna. 

00:32 Self-watering plants

03:50 Text responses

05:47 Carmen is an Owala girl now 

10:28 Call from Sharon 

13:39 Texts on Owala 

16:58 Coffee Study 

18:00 Dave may get a hybrid 

23:14 call from Danny 

25:03 Skinny jeans aren't dead 

29:41 Skinny shorts are! 

32:26 Louie Giglio tackling anxiety and depression 

39:41 Evangelism 

42:06 New song from Iveth Luna - Just Like Jesus 

45:26 reactions to the song 

46:46 Bill's BIG Word 

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