The Morning Cruise Replay - Game Recognize Game

Friday, March 24, 2023

It was a playful day on The Morning Cruise. 

Dave got us started by showing us a video of a softball player who managed to touch home plate safely but had to get creative. 

Carmen is sure that if she had stuck to her plans for a walk along the riverwalk in Tampa, she would have run into Tom Brady and he would have recognized her from listening to The JOY FM. 

CarCar is cleaning out her closet in an effort to minimize and you can benefit on her Instagram page, @projectcarcarminimizes. 

On the game show, Masked Singer, Dick Van Dyke was very recognizable to the judges. And he was probably recognized by the first responders that showed up to his single-car accident recently. But would Carmen recognize him? 

Bill is ready for a vacation. And while virtual reality is synonymous with gaming these days, he's ready to take a virtual tour of a garden in Hawaii. 

For some, planning a vacation is a bit of a game to try and figure out the puzzle. For others, it's not quite the same. 

But you may not want to get on a plane for your vacation if you've been watching the same documentaries and reading the same news as Carmen. 

Recognizing that we needed to change the subject, Dave is on the hunt for someone with a Costco membership. And Carmen is too..but for a different product. 

00:32 Softball play goes viral 

02:55 Carcar's near miss 

06:36 @projectcarcarminimizes

09:25 Dick Van Dyke on Masked Singer 

12:18 Dick Van Dyke is who, exactly? 

15:46 Merwin Conservancy's virtual tour

19:04 Vacation - planning or no planning 

25:26 Pilot incapacitated on SW flight 

29:57 5lb Peanut Butter Pie @ Costco 

32:51 Bill's BIG Word 


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