The Morning Cruise Replay - That's Spectacular!

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

It was a spectacular edition of The Morning Cruise today as Bill got us started on the right foot with some new research on walking. 

The Thorn is a spectacle like none other in telling the story of Jesus. The live production is available today only in theatres. Carley Boyette recently sat down with the creator, John Bolin to discuss the movie and the live show. 

Carmen's got a spectacular new nail color and wants to say, "Let's Be Friends!" 

Bill shared some thoughts on singleness and loneliness from an article in Relevant Magazine. 

And Dave told us how Sears delivered houses back in the day. We actually heard from one listener who's grandfather built one of those houses. 

00:32 New Walking Research 

05:57 Short 10 minute walks 

09:15 The Thorn 

10:02 Carley Boyette with John Bolin of The Thorn (part 1) 

14:41 Carley Boyette with John Bolin of The Thorn (part 2) 

18:27 More info on 

19:39 Let's Be Friends! 

23:16 Nonsense Nail Names 

26:15 Singleness and loneliness 

30:30 Singleness and loneliness (part 2) 

35:23 Sears Houses 

40:25 Jack's experience with a Sears House 

42:54 Bill's BIG Word 

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