The Morning Cruise Replay - Puttin' In The Work

Monday, March 06, 2023

It's Monday so that means it's back to work but what would it be like to have a 4-Day work week? Carmen shared the findings of a recent study that showed improved production with the shortened schedule. Bill followed that up with a study that showed the hospitality industry is on the rebound. 

Dave's love of Christian music started at a Christian bookstore that allowed him to preview many of the songs that are now featured in the Jesus Revolution movie. 

Faith requires work. Carmen shared some of the work she's been doing in her own faith journey and how the Fatherhood of God is most important. Dave responded with some thoughts from Romans 8. 

Bill not only works at the radio station but for his church as well. He found himself in a rare spot on Sunday when he thought he was on time for church but was in fact 5 minutes late. But the lesson he learned from that had to do with envy and contentment. Carmen has also been dealing with discontentment. 

Dave thought he would have a relaxing weekend but it was much more active than he anticipated. And for that reason, he is missing college football. Carmen is missing college football as well and as a result reopend her Netflix account.


00:32 4-Day Work Week Study 

05:55 4-Day Work Week Study (Part 2) 

09:12 Hospitality sector rebounding 

13:15 Discovering Christian music at bookstores 

17:26 Fatherhood of God is most important 

22:34 Romans 8 

24:12 Bill is late to his own church 

27:50 Envy and Contentment 

31:22 Carmen on discontentment 

34:08 Dave's active weekend 

38:58 Dave and Carmen missing college football 

41:59 Bill's BIG Word

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