The Morning Cruise Replay - A Constructive and Instructive Day

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

While recapping a contest on Instagram for Carmen's birthday, we heard some great responses. One of those responses came from Brandon Heath's daughter, who had reached out in hopes of winning something. Well, Auntie Car Car came through and sent a small gift to her and her sister. Over FaceTime, they shared a quick conversation to say that they had already pulled out the "constructions" to see how it worked. She may have mixed up her words like her Auntie Car Car but we all know what she meant. From that point on in the show, it was a rather instructive day. 

00:32 1200 comments on Carmen's Birthday Instagram Contest 

04:44 Elliston "reading the constructions" 

08:39 texts on kids and unique phrases 

09:41 cutting calories slows aging? 

15:38 Dr. Cabral's 3-2-1 plan

18:12 How You Can Help Turkey and Syria 

23:32 When to give a Bible and not 

25:42 Kelsey Grammer's faith 

29:13 Dave found a ZoeGirl CD for Carmen 

31:39 Robots delivering hot dogs 

34:39 Carmen's goals for March? 

38:12 Bill's BIG Word 


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