The Morning Cruise Replay - That's Different!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Today on the show we looked at the differences between a "Meward and Godward life", intergenerational relationships and a new food trend that is already dividing people. We also shared Carley Boyette's interview with DeVon Franklin and the difference that the film Jesus Revolution is having in theatres and in Hollywood. 

Carmen's got a new card with a different number and this time she's happy! On the other hand, Bill is in need of a new debit card after losing it and Dave still can't find a suit he wore a few years ago. 


00:32 Welcome and TMC info 

01:38 Heart sliced open by Paige 

04:57 Paige Brown - Meward vs Godward life 

11:10 Intergenerational Relationships 

15:50 Intergenerational Relationships (part 2) 

19:12 Air Fryer Recall 

23:44 Pickles on Pizza 

27:02 Devon Franklin on his role in Jesus Revolution 

31:30 Devon Franklin and his testimony 

33:55 Carmen's New Card 

37:08 Lost card and suit 

39:43 Bill's BIG Word 

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