The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Loop

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Keeping you in the loop is what we do each and everyday on The Morning Cruise. That is, if Carmen can get her words out right... 

She was having issues with her phone case. But with the help of listeners and her new Loopy, she may be back on track. 

Dave got us in the loop of vanity issues when he shared a study that says people find musicians more attractive. 

And that led to Carmen sharing a message from her pastor, Aaron Burke in a new series on relationships. 

Bill looped us in on the reviews of an Avatar worldview from the box office .

Dave is a little concerned with the news of an egg shortage while Carmen is more concerned with some other possible shortages. 

For fans of Nothing Bundt Cake, Carmen has the details on a BOGO deal. But Dave would prefer a cobbler. 

00:32 If it ain't broke... 

01:06 Carmen's phone case woes 

08:27 Adjusting the Loopy 

09:57 Musicians more attractive 

12:44 It's Not Me, It's You - Aaron Burke 

16:44 Avatar Worldview Review 

23:21 Talking in movies 

24:53 Egg Shortage? 

27:45 Other shortages 

30:57 Nothing Bundt Cake BOGO deal 

35:05 Cobbler 

37:50 Bill's BIG Word 

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