The Morning Cruise Replay - More or Less

Monday, January 23, 2023

Usually we're concerned about quality on The Morning Cruise. Today was a bit more about quantity...more or less... 

Dave got us started by telling us that a popular charitable program with Amazon is ending as they make budget cuts. 

And it's hard to believe that we don't have many more days of January left. And no more Saturday football for this season. 

Bill spent some quality time with his granddaughter asking some deep questions. 

Dave almost told a story that Jayar will surely tell later today. So he changed the subject and showed a little self-restraint. 

Carmen got the audio from Paige Brown discussing the 5 stages of the heart cycle. 

A toddler on TikTok is going viral for her candle reviews with millions of views (and counting!). 

Carmen shared a recipe for a 3-ingredient Chocolate Banana Coin. 

Dave couldn't care less for Banana Pudding. But for those that do care for it, he shared the Church's Chicken is bringing back their Banana Pudding. 

And Bill gave us some surprising stats on a survey about spiritual openness. 

Carmen shared a question that Jonathan Pokluda asks using a scale of 1-10 to start a conversation about Jesus. 


00:32 Amazon Smile Program ending 

04:21 January almost over 

06:24 No more Saturday football 

09:34 The existential experience of slime 

12:48 Almost telling Jayar's encounter 

14:08 Paige Brown and the Heart Cycle 

20:53 James 1:13-15 

22:15 Toddler Candle Reviewer 

27:56 Candle Preferences 

29:18 3-ingredient Chocolate Banana Coins 

32:16 Church's Chicken Banana Pudding Returns 

34:54 Spiritual Openness 

39:34 Jonathan Pokluda asks a question 

43:26 Bill's BIG Word 


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