The Morning Cruise Replay - A Longing For

Thursday, January 19, 2023

If you've got a longing for getting into the habit of reading the Bible, The Bible Recap is a great resource. We've been sharing from there with the New Testament. Carmen has been doing to whole Bible with Tara Leigh Cobble and was so enriched by what she heard on the way into work this morning. 

Carmen went to see Hamilton with her daughters and Candice. And in the title role of the touring show was a young man who grew up in Tampa. 

Rumors are swirling rampantly about the long career of Tom Brady and whether or not that career is coming to an end. 

With the recent launches by Space X, Bill shared an article from a man who grew up in Central Florida watching the launches of the Apollo program from his backyard, and it had many longing for a time gone by. 

Technology has come a long way. But many long for the days when they could listen on a vinyl record or even a cassette. Now Sony is bringing back their Walkman with a twist. 

And that had Carmen longing for her old Sony Walkman Sport, but not for the auto-reverse function as it kept her up late one night. 

And with the advancements of the internet, teenagers are faced with a different reality. But when do we grant them access to smartphones and internet. 

Recent issues with airlines has us longing for a simpler time with flying. Bill shared a list of airline rankings. 

And just how do we make the weekends feel longer? We've got a few ideas for you. 

Cabbage isn't something that a lot of people long for. But Carmen's mom recently made a cabbage casserole for the New Year. After talking about it for the first time, Carmen found out that she owed her mom an apology. 

00:32 The Bible Recap - Genesis and Abraham/Sarah

03:18 Hamilton 

08:13 Tom Brady 

10:23 SpaceX - Al Mohler's reflections 

14:55 Sony Walkman mp4

21:01 Carmen's Walkman Story 

25:53 13-year-olds and the internet 

29:03 Airline Rankings 

35:44 How to make weekends feel longer

38:12 Carmen needs to apologize 

38:50 Carmen's apology to Mohair 

44:50 Bill's BIG Word 


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