The Morning Cruise Replay - Well Played

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Bill got us started this morning with a game he wanted to play but Carmen and Dave were a bit reluctant. Haley came in to tell us a story about how her mom "played" her recently. 

Social media is not a game to see who can break the news first. Etiquette is required as Carmen reminded us. And Dave shared a friendly reminder to watch out for social media scams. 

Bill shared a study that found a possible path to reverse the aging process. And Dave followed that with a conversation on life expectancy dropping. 

Carmen wants you to push play as soon as you can on Paige Brown's Bible Study on James. In Week 1, Paige discussed temptation and there was a lot to unpack. 

The Marshmellow Test might look like a game but it shared an important lesson on temptation. 

Dave's granddaughter learned to not play around cactus plants. 

00:32 Iconic Store Names Quiz 

05:15 Listen on the app 

07:00 Haley's mom played her 

13:47 Social media etiquette 

17:55 Social media scam 

21:03 Reversing Aging 

26:46 Life Expectancy 

28:58 Paige Brown - James and temptation 

34:51 Marshmallows and Keep Your Heart 

38:31 Emmie grabs a cactus 

41:00 Listen on smartspeakers

45:04 Bill's BIG Word 

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