The Morning Cruise Replay - Keep In Step

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

We like to keep you in step with what's going on in the world on The Morning Cruise. On today's show, Dave got us started with a story  that we almost missed last week and it was not a great first step for the UK in the "space race". But for the man behind that project, Bill has a lot of respect for him after a chat with his wife. 

The Bucs could not keep in step with the Cowboys last night on Monday Night Football and the first round of the playoffs. So now the question is what are Tom Brady's next steps? 

Dave has learned a lot about Dot's Pretzels after being introduced to them by Candice's husband. 

Carmen is going to see Hamilton tonight with her daughters and Candice. 

Looking for the right way to take your next steps. Bill has some tips on making actionable goals for you. And Carmen has some encouragement for your exercise rhythms. 

Now that we've got a temporary solution in place for our Atlanta tower, we've got a lot of steps to take to get back to full power. In the meantime, we are curious to find out where the signal is reaching. 

If you like peanuts and have the right skillset, Bill shared the steps that it takes to become a Planters Nut Mobile Driver. 

Passion 2023 was a great first step in the new year for college-aged students in their faith walk. And now you can follow in their footsteps and rewatch all of the talks given at the conference that happened in Atlanta. 

Dave's son asked for a ladder for Christmas. But there was a lot of steps required before he could step foot on the first rung. 

And if you haven' kept in step with Paige Brown's Winter 2023 Bible Study on James, today is your last day to catch up on Week 1. 

00:32 Virgin UK Space Launch 

04:34 Kimberly met Richard Branson 

07:54 End of Season for Bucs 

11:27 Dot's Pretzels 

16:32 Hamilton tonight 

18:19 Actionable Goals 

24:13 Exercise Rhythms 

28:20 93.3 Listener Reports 

33:53 93.3 Listener Reports 

35:07 Planters Needs Drivers 

37:30 Passion 2023 - Jonathan Pokluda on Sin 

43:19 Jaymes new ladder 

49:00 Paige Brown 

51:14 Bill's BIG Word 

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