The Morning Cruise Replay - What's Your Routine?

Thursday, January 12, 2023

In a conversation between Carmen and Bill off-the-air, Bill shared that his morning routine to get ready for the day is about 40 minutes. That came as a shock to Carmen and Dave. So they asked him to give them an idea of his timeline. He shared that and we heard from many of you about your own routines. 

In that conversation, Bill brought up a lifehack and that reminded Dave of a Chipotle hack that is making its way to the permanent menu. 

Carmen got out of routine yesterday afternoon and drove to her daughter so they could go for a walk along the riverwalk. Doing that reminded her to do weekend things on the weekdays. 

The routine for NFL games going into overtime is changing to hopefully make the games much more exciting.  

Yesterday was anything but routine for the FAA as they dealt with an outage that affected many across the country. 

Dave told us about a Social Security suspension scam and Carmen wondered if the Do Not Call registry was still a thing. 

00:32 JOY Stories 

02:01 Bill's morning routine 

06:58 Bill's morning routine timeline 

13:55 listener responses 

16:36 Chipotle Philly Cheesesteak 

18:52 Weekend Things on Weekdays 

26:04 NFL Overtime rule changes 

29:08 FAA Outage 

34:21 JOY Stories 

36:34 Social Security Suspension Scam 

39:30 Robocalls and Do Not Call Registry 

42:51 Bill's BIG Word 

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