The Morning Cruise Replay - Care For

Friday, May 13, 2022

There was a lot of talk about parenting and plants, 2 things we care for around here on The Morning Cruise. 

Carmen got us started by sharing from her heart about loneliness and referencing Psalm 68:6. 

Bill then talked about being brothers and sisters in Christ. 

We don't care for people using their phones in public settings and sharing their conversations so loudly for others to hear. 

Jules joined us and shared how she recently sat down and shared her story with some youth. And she also told us how she didn't care for some parenting advice that she eventually discovered wasn't least for her.

Even though Bill and his wife are empty nesters, there are plenty of plants around their house to take care of. And they all have names! Bill's wife has even gotten an app to learn more than you can imagine about the different plants they have. 

Worship music can help us show some self-care. Jayar helps with that on Friday afternoons but he gave us a small taste of that with a song from Maverick City Music. Bill followed that up with more thoughts on worship before he shared his BIG Word which also had to do with parenting.

00:32 Carmen - loneliness and Psalm 68:6 

04:13 Brothers and Sisters in Christ 

07:58 Phone Use in Public 

13:15 Jules in next 

14:11 Jules 

16:41 Jules and the College Miracle 

21:00 Jules and Parenting Advice 

24:31 Great Gas Giveaway 

25:54 Plant life 

29:29 Planta app 

32:40 Jayar's Friday Afternoon Worship Experience and Maverick City Music 

36:11 Worship 

40:07 Bill's BIG Word


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