The Morning Cruise Replay - Travelin' Through

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Maybe it's because we're getting close to summer time, but today's show had us traveling through the day. As Jayar gets ready for a trip to Jamaica with your help, a Lakeland man is making headlines for landing a plane with no pilot experience, and today is National Odometer Day, we found out who had the most miles on their car as well as the least amount. 

00:32 Psalm 40 from an addict 

05:18 Reading Psalm 40 

08:26 Steve and office surveillance 

11:28 Jayar's Jamaica Birthday Bash 

15:12 Passenger lands plane 

22:26 Passenger is from Lakeland! 

23:40 National Odometer Day 

28:31 Gas Prices 

34:20 Coffee and no sugar 

42:08 Pray for Jayar's Dad 

48:54 Live No Lies - Part 1

52:35 Live No Lies - Part 2

56:34 Great Gas Giveaway 

56:34 Odometer Day Winners 

59:31 Bill's BIG Word

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