The Morning Cruise Replay - On The Lookout

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

With inflation causing skyrocketing prices and shortages, we're helping those on the lookout for a break on the gas prices. And we're also looking out for new moms on the hunt for baby formula. 

Dave is out sick today and Carmen got on the phone to ask Jayar to fill in for him. But she couldn't find him, so she got a few others to be on the lookout for him. Part of the reason she couldn't find him was because he wasn't answering his phone calls or texts. That led to a discussion on how big a window we all have for responses on our phones. 

Bill and his wife are officially empty nesters after seeing their son off to his new home. Bill bought his son a journal and wrote him a note in the journal encouraging him on this new path. That had Jayar on the lookout for journals to give to his own kids. 

If you have ever dealt with addiction or know someone who is/has, Psalm 40 is a great verse to look up for encouragement. 

Carmen has been on the lookout for all sorts of products to get rid of an ink stain on the interior of her car. 

And we've got a fruit fly problem at the station, so Bill went on the lookout for solutions to that issue. 

If you're at a sporting goods store in the near future, be on the lookout for soccer cleats! Jayar is collecting them for a mission trip to Jamaica later this summer. 

And Bill is always on the lookout for a BIG Word for you  to add to your vocabulary. 

00:32 Great Gas Giveaway 

02:55 Baby Formula Shortage 

07:15 text responses 

08:44 Jayar isn't dead! 

15:18 Jayar running with Steve 

21:11 How big is your window? 

23:17 text responses 

28:35 Bill and Kimberly's Empty Nest 

36:14 Buying a journal 

41:25 Psalm 40 from an addict 

46:35 Leather stain not gone 

53:13 Fruit fly elimination 

56:29 Cleats to Jamaica 

1:05:00 Bill's BIG Word 


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