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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Today's show had us focusing on the television and a few reading options. Carmen watched part of the Bucs game last night and is excited to watch the rest of it now that she knows the end result. 

A few weeks ago, football fans watched as Mike Evans gave away a football to a fan forgetting that that ball was used to make history. In last night's game, Mike Evans set a record with a TD catch and almost gave away that ball too before he remembered that the ball needed to stay in his hands. 

Alison Sweeney's name came up in conversation yesterday with Carmen seeing her in a Hallmark movie. Carmen remembers her from Days Of Our Lives. Well, Alison is reprising her role with the soap opera for a Christmas special and Carmen may have to find a way to watch this one. 

Dave's been writing and performing in his church's Christmas production for years and they are in the final rehearsals for this year. But, next year, the church musical production might just have a special guest. 

If you are flying for the holiday and wondering what Thanksgiving foods you can fly with, Bill read the list of options from TSA. And how would you feel if you were flying and watched as another passenger boarded with a pot of spaghetti and proceeded to eat it during the flight? 

As we gather at the table with family during Thanksgiving, the possibility for the conversation to turn awkward is there. Bill has a few book suggestions to help you navigate handling those situations. 

A father and son have teamed up to write a children's book featuring a favorite restaurant after watching the kindness of a few Waffle House employees. 

And talking about Waffle House had Bill thinking about his family's breakfast casserole. 

And you can't escape before catching Bill's BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Watching the Bucs Game 

04:04 Mike Evans TD catch record 

06:22 Days Of Our Lives Christmas Special 

11:28 Dave's Christmas Play 

15:44 The Heaths listening 

16:48 Call with Brandon Heath 

21:22 Brandon Heath Christmas song 

23:02 Flying with Thanksgiving Food 

26:28 Nona flying with spaghetti 

27:33 Thanksgiving conversations - part 1 

32:26 Thanksgiving conversations - part 2 

38:22 Waffle House Children's Book 

41:07 Breakfast Casserole 

44:12 Bill's BIG Word 

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