The Morning Cruise Replay - In Anticipation

Monday, November 22, 2021

In the anticipation the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we did a lot of prep. Maybe not as much as the Martins have done already, but we looked ahead to not only Thanksgiving but Christmas as well today. 

After Dave ordered a smoked turkey from Greenberg Smoked Turkeys, Carmen decided to do the same but it came a little faster than she thought it would so she was concerned about how long it would last. 

And Carmen now understands the pull of a Hallmark Christmas movie as she found herself watching one over the weekend, but had to leave before the end. And Bill almost ruined the ending for her. 

After Carmen decided to lay claim to the towel signed by Tom Brady, she asked Dave and Bill about signed memorabilia they would want. Dave thought it would be great to have something signed by an Apollo astronaut and Josha came through for him with a t-shirt signed by Story Musgrave. 

And after Carmen offered to have it framed, Bill had a DIY suggestion for her. 

Carmen has held on to The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom for awhile now but she can't put it down now as she shared some of what she read in Chapter 4. Bill responded to that with a thought from Psalm 34:18. 

If the stuffing/dressing is something you are anticipating on Thursday's dinner table, you may or may not want to try a recipe from Red Lobster featuring their Cheddar Bay biscuits. 

Bill shared a couple of stories under the radar from World Magazine regarding the loss of skills in PE Class and recent homeschooling trends. 

And for those of you looking forward to an adventure, you'll be anticipating Bill's BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Thanksgiving Prep at Martin Manor 

02:46 Carmen's turkey question 

07:21 Carmen's movie question 

07:52 Good Morning Chrismas movie 

11:28 The suspenseful ending 

14:14 Story Musgrave Shirt 

17:53 DIY Frames 

20:55 The Hiding Place Chapter 4 Reading 

26:08 Psalm 34:18 Reading 

28:47 Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Stuffing 

33:29 Dressing responses

35:54 PE Concerns 

40:17 Homeschooling trends 

43:13 Bill's BIG Word 

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