The Morning Cruise Replay - Have A Look-See

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Throughout the month of October we've been taking a long look at the Book of Acts. And that is where we started this morning. First by taking a look at chapter 12 and then looking back to chapters 10-11. 

We've also been looking back at some of our favorite moments that we can remember from the 15 years that Dave, Bill and Carmen have been a part of The Morning Cruise. Today we shared a couple of hilarious phone calls to Phoebe, a server at the Pancake Pantry in Nashville. 

And coincidentally, Carmen found a product in stores yesterday that she had never seen before, despite Phoebe bringing it up years ago. 

Dave told Bill about a movie he thinks he'll be first in line to see since it looks at the life of one of his favorite authors, CS Lewis. 

And Bill still wants to go to the theatre to see The Jesus Music movie. 

Carmen and family went to a restaurant for Pete's birthday last night and she is sensing that she is getting older since she had a hard time looking at the menu. 

And she's looking forward to an interview after the show with food expert, Jen Smiley. 

At first look, you might be confused by the latest product collaboration, but it turns out that Cracker Jack Pepsi is surprisingly good. 

Looking for something we talked about on the show? Check out 

Bill had us all taking a look at 1 John 1:5-7 this morning. 

And while Carmen and Dave didn't enjoy watching their teams play this past weekend, Carmen did take the opportunity to congratulate UGA on their season so far. 

And Billl looked back to a phone call to Phoebe to showcase his BIG Word

00:33 Acts 12 

04:42 Acts 10-11 

10:33 15 Moments- First Call to Phoebe 

14:11 15 Moments - Phoebe meets Big Ol' Daddy 

18:15 Carmen finds roll-on perfume 

20:21 CS Lewis Movie 

26:06 The Jesus Music Movie still in theatres

29:52 Carmen is getting old 

35:25 anticipating an interview with Jen Smiley 

37:51 Cracker Jack Pepsi 

44:23 How To Connect 

46:52 1 John 1:5-7

51:18 Congrats to UGA 

55:27 Bill's BIG Word 

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