The Morning Cruise Replay - Feed The Need

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Got a need? Chances are that we fed it today! 

Bill got us started with news of a cookbook for those that have lost their senses of taste and smell because of Covid or cancer. 

While Carmen isn't on Tik Tok, she has tried a few of the viral recipes from the social media app. For those that are on the app, there's a trend that has been on their feeds that Carmen told us about. 

We mourned the loss of an iconic voice with news of the recent passing of the man who narrated many of Disney's movie trailers.

If you are needing to feed your mind with Christ-centered content, we recommend The Chosen TV series. Carmen finally finished season 1 and is hungry to start season 2. 

If reading is more your style, check out the Bible in One Year app. 

Bill is excited to see birds in his backyard again now that he has ordered a squirrel-busting bird feeder. 

Dave told us a story of survival in the Amazon rainforest for one man who took his feeding cues from monkeys. 

Bill told a different story of survival as baseball is seeing a decline in attendance and viewership, but Dave and Carmen aren't convinced that the audience will bite on this new idea. 

Carmen gave us a quote from Lysa TerKeurst to give us some perspective on how our decisions impact our schedules. 

And she told us how her decision to get her diet and eating habits in order led her down the path to meeting Dr. Alex, who has been flooded with listeners wanting her input on their own health journeys. 

For young girls that need pockets on their jeans, Old Navy responded to one request from a first grader. 

And speaking of fashion, you may need to get your old gold chains back out as they are back in fashion. 

And for those that hanker for Bill's BIG Word, he delivers it on a shiny spoon today! 


00:32 Covid Cookbook

04:15 Tik Tok Trend

07:35 Disney Movie Voice

11:10 The Chosen

15:49 Numbers – Bible In One Year

21:06 Bible reading texts

23:50 Bill’s Backyard Birding

26:29 Texts on bird feeders

27:58 Amazon Survival Story

31:23 Red Sox New Uniforms

36:00 Lysa TerKeurst quote

40:41 Dr. Alex’s method and a compliment

46:38 Old Navy Jeans with Pockets

50:08 Herringbone Necklaces

53:16 Bill’s BIG Word

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