The Morning Cruise Replay - In Preparation

Monday, November 30, 2020

Yesterday (Sunday, November 29th) marked the start of the Advent season. We are celebrating this season of preparation and waiting by reading along with Louie Giglio in his 2020 Advent Devotional, Waiting Here For You. 

Carmen didn't prepare well enough for a weekend of watching football. Bill surprised us as he is ahead of schedule with his Christmas tree...sorta! 

Not only are we preparing for Christmas with the Advent devotional, we are preparing for a Blue Giraffe gift exchange. 

We couldn't get past Thanksgiving without catching up on how the prep for Thanksgiving meals went for Dave and Bill. 

If 2020 has been a season of grief for you and you are finding the idea of celebrating Christmas a difficult task, Bill shared a post with some tips to help you focus on what matters this Christmas. 

Having cut the cord from his cable bill, Bill had to find a way to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and while he didn't find what he was originally looking for he was happy with his alternative. 

And Dave let us know how his Thanksgiving camping trip went. 

00:32 Carmen's football watching aches and pains 

03:54 Bill's Christmas Tree 

07:28 Day 1 of Waiting Here For You 

10:27 Louie's Instagram Post 

13:58 Blue Giraffe Gift Exchange name picking 

15:56 Thanksgiving Meal Prep update

21:18 Bill's Insta Pot Turkey outcome 

22:17 Bill remembers 2 friends 

26:06 Tips for grieving through Christmas 

30:03 Songs That Bring in Christmas 

31:28 Finding Ways To Watch The Macy's Parade

37:37 Dave's Camping Trip 

42:31 Bill's BIG Word 




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