The Morning Cruise Replay - Grab A Seat

Friday, September 18, 2020

Grab a seat and join us on this Friday edition of The Morning Cruise Replay. This morning we revisted our conversation with Pastor Aaron Burke of Radiant Church in Tampa on Choosing To Be Unoffendable. 

Following that conversation, we pulled Luisa into the studio to share what the Lord had put on her heart recently. 

While you've got a seat at the table, we're checking in with Tammi to find out how her surprise birthday party went and she's got a Ramen Noodle recipe for us. 

And speaking of seats, there's plenty of seating and spacing on airplanes lately and it looks like it will be that way for awhile. 

Bill suggested that we've got plenty of open seats for our upcoming Sharathon and you can choose your chill as we get ready for it. 

And before we step away for the weekend, we shared part of a Bible Study from Paige Brown in Nashville on Revelation 1-3. 

00:32 Choosing To Be Unoffendable - A Decade Defining Decision 

03:21 Reasons 1-2 to not be offended 

09:58 Reasons 3-4 to not be offended 

14:45 Reasons 5-6 to not be offended 

21:15 Reasons 7-9 to not be offended 

27:17 Reason #10 to not be offended 

33:01 Luisa can't be used by God if she is offended 

37:34 Season #2 of OFF-AIR with Carmen coming soon! 

40:17 Tammi's Surprise Birthday Party 

43:03 What's Tammi Cooking? A Ramen Noodle Recipe 

45:54 Middle Seats Open 

50:00 Choose Your Chill for Sharathon 

52:50 Paige Brown on Revelation 1-3 

57:28 Bill's BIG Word 


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