The Morning Cruise Replay - Calls For Kindness

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Carmen was out yesterday to address a dental issue. What she didn't expect was to actually have surgery yesterday! So Dave and Bill not only took calls and texts from well wishers today, Bill put the call out for messages about random acts of kindness. We couldn't keep up with all the stories but shared quite a few, including one that we were on the fence about as to whether or not it was a call with kindness in mind.

It seems as though smartphones are rarely used for the intended purpose of making and receiving calls these days. With news of the iPhone 12 from Apple coming, Dave shared one prognosticator's ideas as to what we can expect. Dave also recalled our time with Dara Maclean on The Summer Cruise. 

With calls for more social distancing, Bill shared an interesting study from Harvard on hugging in a pandemic world. 

Looking for a place to dine out? You might wanna call Disney to make a reservation as they begin to reopen. Dave shared some good news and bad news from entertainment venues around the country. 

00:33 Carmen's day of oral surgery 

02:42 Calls and texts of well wishes 

03:48  Bill calls for messages of kindness 

06:38 Rain boots for Bobbi 

09:51 Braiding the hair of a patient 

10:44 Kids pitch in and pray with parents 

12:53 Kindness from and for police officers 

15:29 Mailman delivers with graduation gift 

16:30 Paying Kindness Forward 

18:02 Jayar's call to Carmen after surgery 

 21:12 Apple 12 possible changes 

 25:00 Ways to listen to The JOY FM 

26:16 Re-calling Summer Cruise with Dara Maclean and thanks from Amazon 

29:32 Harvard Hugging Suggestions 

34:17 Good News/Bad News for places reopening 

38:22 Bill's BIG Word - embrace 


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