The Morning Cruise Replay - See The Light

Monday, June 29, 2020

Carmen was out today for a trip under the bright light of the dentist's chair for a tooth issue that has been an issue for a little while now. Dave and Bill took today's show to shine a light on a number of things happening in the world and around them. Dave has recently played host to his youngest son's family as they prepared for a move. Bill asked Dave if he saw the light of an empty nest yet. 

For many people across the southeast U.S., views of that bright ball of light in the sky were obstructed this weekend by a dust storm from the Sahara Desert. 

Dave shared a word of warning for those headed to the library for an issue that has some people thinking the figurative light bulb above the heads of some readers is a little dimmer than it should be. 

That conversation gave Bill a spark of inspiration to share more from The Screwtape Letters as we will explore Chapters 16-20 this week. 

Coronavirus has us all putting certain issues under a microscope lately. One of those issues is the loss of jobs. Bill shared an article from The Gospel Coalition sharing one perspective. Dave was focused on a scientific article that he was scratching his head over as they didn't answer the question asked in the title. 

As Bill started getting ready for bed last night, the lights in the living room were still on as his son was playing with electricity! 

Dave highlighted a musical artist that has received one accolade at least once every decade for the last 70 years! 

Inspired by a text, Bill talked accountability with fitness goals. And he's hoping to get outside to the beaches soon, despite the fact that some beaches are closing for the holiday due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus. And with that news, Bill also shared an image that describes the probability of spreading the virus with and without the use of masks. 

00:34 Carmen's Dental Issue 

3:02  Does Dave have an empty nest? 

6:40 Saharan Dust Cloud 

9:39 Smart Speaker Issue 

12:16 Don't Microwave Your Library Books! 

15:49 An Overview of The Screwtape Letters 

19:50 Job Loss Lessons 

26:01 An Article that doesn't answer the questions it asks

30:46 Grady's electic skateboard 

33:41 Bob Dylan's record 

38:21 A Text to hold Bill accountable 

40:40 Beaches this weekend 

45:20 Wearing Masks 

49:52 Bill's BIG Word - cloister 

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