Welcome To Season 2!

Monday, September 21, 2020


Welcome To Season 2!

Season #2 of OFF-AIR with Carmen starts tomorrow (Tuesday, September 22nd)!

She kicks the season off with some great guests! Season 2 will begin a little differently: we're starting it off with an ON-AIR conversation The Morning Cruise had with Carmen's Pastor, Aaron Burke of Radiant Church in Tampa, Florida. 

He joined The Morning Cruise to share 10 Reasons why it's to our benefit to be unoffendable. We got A TON of response, so Carmen decided to make it the first podcast of the season. 

You'll also hear from Natalie Grant and Zach Williams in the next few weeks!

Subscribe today to OFF-AIR with Carmen on your favorite podcast stream and you'll get the entire conversation bright and early tomorrow morning! 



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