Episode 10: Fighting Fear & Anxiety

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Episode 10: Fighting Fear & Anxiety

Hey Y’all, we shuffled some things around and decided to do a Special Edition of the podcast! Given what everyone is walking though in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, so many people are asking us for a real conversation about fear and anxiety from a faith perspective. And I just want you to know - we hear you, and we are with you! It’s a lot to handle right now, and even those of us that don’t typically struggle with fear can feel a little anxious in this season. 


In this episode, I grabbed Dave, Bill, Jayar and my youngest, Abbey. They each came to the table with a little different experience and how they are finding solid ground. I really hope this conversation encourages you as much as it did me! 


More than anything, I want you to know that we are praying for you, and as we'll learn in this episode, we can do hard things because the Lord is WITH us.


Here are some verses we mentioned today:

Psalm 23

Matthew 6:25-34

2 Timothy 1:7

Isaiah 41:10


Dave mentioned the CDC self-checker 


Bill’s SNAP response, adapted from Ian Morgan Cron:

S - Stop and pause

N - Notice how you are feeling

A - Access God’s presence through scripture

P - Pray and Praise 

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