Episode 8: Tauren Wells

Tuesday, March 03, 2020


Episode 8: Tauren Wells

Today’s guest on OFF-AIR with Carmen is Tauren Wells. We recently took at trip to Houston and sat down with Tauren at his kitchen table. I think we can all agree that Tauren is at the top of his game right now! He’s got hit, after hit, after hit. You know him best for Hills & Valleys, but also songs like Known, When We Pray and most recently Like You Love Me. His new CD, Citizen of Heaven is out! 


In this episode we hit it all…


Identity & Calling.

Our Assignments.

Marriage & Touring.

Kanye & Kobe.


The thing about Tauren is that he drops these platinum nuggets that make you wanna grab a pen & paper and start taking notes. He is a preacher, and he is one our favorites!


You can get his new CD here

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