Episode 5: Bill Martin

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Episode 5: Bill Martin

Welcome to my 5th episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen!  This week’s guest is my brother, Bill Martin! Of course, if you listen to The Morning Cruise, you hear Bill & I along with our third, Dave, every weekday morning. Bill & I have worked together for almost 17 years. And I can honestly say, I’ve learned as much about the Bible from Bill as I have anyone!  


In this episode, Bill and I are going to talk about one of Bill's favorite subjects (and mine too!) … Scripture. What happens when you set the Bible aside in the name of looking more like Jesus? And are there "red flags" to look for when someone has done that? Bill gets pretty heady in this conversation...just like SO many conversations we've had OFF AIR, but I guarantee if you listen all the way through, you'll learn important stuff you can use in your own life as you grow in your understanding of the Bible

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