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About Russ

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the ministry of The JOY FM.  For me “doing” radio was a something like a childhood dream.  I would set up my turntable, microphone, and cassette player and play radio on a regular basis.  I would even get the phone book and write commercials.  I know that I said that it was a childhood dream, but I was still doing this into my early twenties.  I finally realized my dream in the late 1980’s with a couple of short stints in secular radio.  When that ended, I kept reminding God how much I really, really, really liked radio.

I answered His call into full-time ministry on January 7, 1990 (also my 1 year wedding anniversary).  After being part of church ministry for a little over 12 years, God remembered how much I like radio.  After a bumpy transition, mainly because I am a little slow in understanding what He wants, I became part of The JOY FM family.

I am married to, possibly one of God’s most awesome creations: Nancy.  I have two wonderful sons: Caleb and Josiah.  Family is very important to me and after missing so much time early on, I am careful to keep them a priority, especially with such a busy schedule.