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Linda Canalejo

Underwriting Representative

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I was a JOY FM listener/fan long before I became a part of the family.  I had been encouraged and inspired by not only the music but also the love for Christ and others that came through my speakers.  When the opportunity came for me to be a part of The JOY FM family it was a "WOW!!!" moment.  Everyday I get to use my sales experience to help grow a ministry I already loved and believed in!  What a blessing it is to be able to walk into a business and tell them the wonderful story of The JOY FM, what we do in our community, the part they can play in our ministry, and how our loyal listeners support our business partners.

I moved to Dothan from SC when I was 14 years old.  I graduated from Dothan High School and attended Wallace Community College where I met my husband Dan.  Our family moved back to SC in 1998 but Dan and I were excited to return to the Wiregrass area in 2012.  We love our family and are very proud of our three sons (Brad, Alan, Kevin), and our "daughters by love" (Jessica, Brittany, Becky).  We have 4 grandchildren  (Isabella, Grayson, John Parker, Sophia) and Dakota arrives in April.  I chose  "BamMa" as my "grand" name.  We are a blended family (the females are Alabama, the males are Auburn) and I loved that this BAMA fan hears "BamMa" from my sweet grandchildren and I also get those Auburn guys "get close" to saying BAMA.  Our other family member is our dog Grizzly.  He is a maltipoo and loved by our entire family.

My "hobby" is my family.   I spoil my grandchildren every chance I get.  Alan, Brittany, and Grayson are close by so I get to "hobby" with them regularly. I enjoy time with my precious parents, Rev. John and Martha Anderson, and love being close enough to help them when needed.  Dan and I travel whenever possible. Sometimes it's a trip to visit Brad in St. Louis, Kevin in SC, Key West (where Dan was born), Mazatlán, or maybe just a trip to the beach.  I can pack a bag (actually 2-3) very quickly.  I just take everything and decide later what I will need.  We are thankful our siblings are also here in the area.

God saved me and forgave me of my sins when I was 7 years old.  I was very young and had a lot of growing to do both physically and spiritually.  God has always been faithful to me and blessed me in so many ways.  Like everyone, I've had good and bad times.  I've made good choices and bad choices but God has always loved and cared for me and I am thankful that He never gives up on me.  I truly pray I can grow more like Him every day.