Meet Dave

Dave Cruse

Dave Cruse

…Bill answering for Dave… 

1.) If Dave weren’t doing radio today, what other job would he have? Dave would be manager of a cycling team that competed in the Tour De France. Or a lawyer. Or a gameshow host.

2.) Where can we find Dave when he is not working? On his Cannondale bicycle, somewhere about mile 14. Or in front of his TV watching LSU.

3.) If you had to write a book about Dave’s life, what would the title be? Letters from Someone Who Wants to Be Left Alone

4.) What actor/actress would play Dave in a movie about The Morning Cruise? OR What celebrity would Dave be mistaken for? Uhh. . .according to Carmen, Bill Engvall. I can see it! (Go ahead, Google him.)

5.) What song/ JOY FM artist does Dave keep his headphones on for when it is played? None. (It irritates him when Carmen and I do.) The studio monitors (speakers) are plenty loud.

6.) What are people surprised to learn about Dave? He writes and stars in musicals. I mean, real, Broadway-style musicals that his church produces every Christmas.

7.) What’s the most unusual item in Dave’s office? I think it’s a 4’x5’ black-and-white poster of Dave and his former radio partner (Susan O’Donnell), dressed like Texas Ranchers, smiling like Hollywood stars. I think it was for “Dave Cruse Day” in Houston. (Seriously, there was a “Dave Cruse Day” in Houston.)

8.) What’s the best/worst gift Dave has given you? Dave is a very creative gift-giver. But we don’t mess around with fancy gifts. Other than a printed text of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” it’d have to be his friendship. (Awwww)

9.) If The Morning Cruise were in High School, what superlative would you give Dave the award for? “Most Likely to Succeed, at Something, Eventually

10.) If The Morning Cruise were stranded on a desert island, what would you rely on Dave for? Dave? Absolutely nothing. Dave would be basking under a coconut palm, reading his Kindle until the battery ran out. Carmen, on the other hand, would somehow get her Amazon account activated so she could order sunscreen, Smartwater and a bag of raw cashews. When the delivery guy came, we’d be rescued.

11.) If Dave had to enter a competition for the “Most Uselessly Unique Talent,” what would their talent be? Winning at “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”

12.) What punctuation mark best describes Dave’s personality? Why? ! Seriously ! Dave is emphatic. Sometimes he sounds grumpy. But he’s not! And he’ll defend that he’s not, emphatically! Until you relent!

13.) Most memorable on-air moment with Dave? (It involves a certain dad reacting live on the phone to his daughter’s winning a mission trip to Guatemala, saying a certain four-letter phrase that begins “holy” and ends with a certain letter between R and T, that a certain government agency forbids on public airwaves. Yeah. Shocked us too!)

14.) If Dave were the eighth dwarf, what would their name be? Grumpy. NO. . .wait! There’s already a Grumpy, right? Well. . . “Steadfast” is a lousy dwarf name, so let’s go with the caricature: Grouchy.

15.) What JOY FM song most describes Dave? “Give Me Your Eyes,” by Brandon Heath, because Dave is always—despite the persona he gets stuck with on our show—always trying to see things from Jesus’ perspective and get others to do the same.

16.) What do you most admire about Dave? Dave has been a faithful husband to Emilie for over 30 years and has raised three boys (“the three geniuses”) who love the Lord and are walking in the faith of their fathers.