The Morning Cruise Replay - A Lot On Our Minds

Monday, September 13, 2021

Bill's got a lot of Bible passages on his mind lately and he shared a few of them to get our week started. Dave had a bit of trouble getting started this morning as he had a jam-packed weekend. 

Carmen and Pete's minds were not on the same page when it came to grout. She asked if anyone else had a disagreement with their spouse and you answered...big time! 

Sharathon is on our minds as it it one week away! 

Dave watched a show on the SEC Network that had him thinking about his days growing up in Louisiana. 

The tragic events of 9/11 were on the minds of all of us this weekend as stories were told commemorating the 20th anniversary. 

Carmen shared a few pieces of wisdom from the mind of Paige Brown after her first week of teaching on  the Book of Romans 

We followed up with our friend, Maria, as she continues to fill her mind towards a Master's degree. 

Carmen couldn't make up her mind when it came to who to cheer for in the  Dolphins and Patriots game. 

Hearing We The Kingdom made us think about their song, Dancing On The Waves, which is now available as a radio single. 

One particular song from Chris Tomlin had Dave thinking of a Dad Joke. 

Bill's got a lot on his mind when it comes to projects so he's planning on implementing the one-minute rule. 

Driving a car with your mind? Dave tells us how Mercedes-Benz is working to make that a reality. 

And that had Bill thinking about his BIG Word. 


00:33 Bill's Bible Blitzkrieg

04:05 Dave's weekend 

06:28 Carmen and Pete's disagreement on grout 

10:36 Calls and Texts on Silly Spousal Arguments

14:14 More Calls and Texts 

16:34 Sharathon 

21:30 True South Show 

25:57 9/11 Memories and Psalm 46 

28:47 Paige Brown - Book of Romans and Good News 

36:50 Maria's JOY Story follow up

39:28 Carmen's flip-flop football fandom 

44:23 Dancin' On The Waves 

45:50 Dave's Good Good Father Dad Joke 

47:10 Bill and the One-Minute Rule 

51:30 Mercedes-Benz driving with your mind 

54:29 Bill's BIG Word 


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