T-Shirts for Turkeys

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


3:00-6:00 PM 


T-Shirts For Turkeys 2014

You are helping families enjoy a wonderful holiday meal when you give a frozen turkey or a paper turkey ($10 bill).  For your generosity you will receive a new The JOY FM t-shirt.  When people ask where you got your cool looking shirt you can tell them that you got it by speading JOY!


Let’s make a difference in our community with T-shirts For Turkeys! The JOY FM is teaming up with you and area Winn Dixie stores to help families in our community enjoy the Holiday Season a little better.

Visit one of our T-shirts For Turkeys stops and turn a frozen turkey or a paper turkey ( a 10 dollar bill) into a The JOY FM t-shirt. We will pass the turkeys along to the Wiregrass Area Food Bank and the Salvation Army. They will turn those turkeys into smile as they distribute them to families in need throughout the community.