Drive-Thru Difference

It's a perfect opportunity to introduce them to The JOY FM, and maybe, just maybe, introduce them to Christ. When you go to a drive-thru for your morning coffee, or out for a quick bite for lunch, treat the person behind you. That's right. Just pay their bill and show a little kindness. You'll impact someone's day in ways much greater than coffee or take out.

To get started, download a Drive Thru Difference Note (PDF). Print it out, even a few copies, and take it with you when you go about your day. Hand it to the cashier to give to the person in the car behind you. It's a great little note to let them know you cared.

After you or your family encourage someone with the Drive-Thru Difference let us know about it.  Share your story on The JOY Line - 1-877-346-3569 - or give a quick shout out using the Open Mic feature on The JOY FM Phone App. (download app here)

Drive Thru Difference Notes also available at Chick-Fil-A (3418 Ross Cark Circle) and at The JOY FM Studios