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Mac Pac First Day Giveaway Give early and You could WIN!
The Mac Pac is back! Make your FriendRaiser gift by 5:45 PM TODAY and you'll be entered to win a Mac Pac from The JOY FM! Read More>
What is FriendRaiser
The JOY FM is a non-profit, listener-supported radio station. That means listeners just like you financially support this ministry. Your gifts and donations are what allow us to do tomorrow what we did today...and every day. Our FriendRaiser goal is 4,600 new Partners. Read More
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More than Music Mission Partners give $30 or more per month or $360 or more a year. Read More
MMMP Benefits Card
MMMP Benefit Card
When you become an MMMP, you will receive a JOY FM Benefits Card for early entrance to select concerts AND receive discounts and online coupons at more than 300,000 merchants nationwide! Read More
Why Give?
At any given moment of any day, there’s someone who is one song away from giving up on their marriage, one song away from ending their life, one song away from beginning a relationship with Jesus. And support from people like you will make that next song possible.
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And When You Give...
Every automatic gift means a corrective brace will be supplied, through our partners at Cure, to a disabled child in India so that they can walk! Read More

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The JOY FM is a member of the ECFA – The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We follow higher standards of Christian ethics in fundraising, financial accounting and reporting. To view the ECFA financial profile CLICK HERE