Be Careful Little Hands What You Type

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Mark Giles

Very interesting and puzzling thing happened at our house last the MIDDLE of the night, I don’t know the exact time but I know we were BOTH in a deep sleep. All of a sudden, we hear Nancy's phone alarms going off. And yes, I did say ALARMS, plural. They were going off one after the other, different sounds, very disconcerting.

Nancy gets up, grabs the phone, and starts shutting them off, which takes a little while in the middle of the night when you’re trying to get your bearings and wondering, “what in the world?”. When she came back to bed, she said, “that is so weird. My stopwatch was running. I didn’t turn on my stopwatch. And I certainly didn’t turn on all those alarms. And my phone felt hot. Way hotter than normal.”

By the way, it’s only the two of us in the house, unless you count Moxie, our YorkiePoo. Who was uncharacteristically whining a lot last the middle of the night. The rest of the night was kind of sleepless, for several different reasons.

So fast forward to this morning. Nance gets up and gets her phone, and clicks on the email app.......and waiting for her is a draft of an email that she didn’t type, ready to be sent to some very weird addresses. And the body of the email was just complete jibberish, with lots of emoticons and unintelligible words & phrases. She brought the phone to me, and I stared at that email for a couple of minutes. But it just didn’t make any sense at all.....except that it just felt inexplicably, STRANGELY weird.

Then Nance told me the REST of the story. She said that last night before we went to bed, she had googled the name of a specific form of the occult. She had a good reason for this, but out of respect for other's personal privacy, I'm not going to share the exact reason. Suffice it to say she WASN'T searching for herself. Anyway, she read up on it, and then closed her browser and plugged up her phone to charge for the night. Didn’t think anymore about it.....Until the alarms started going off....which made her feel strangely weird.

But it was that email that was waiting for her that sent it over the top. We didn’t save it, or take a picture of it. Because it made us feel that oppressed. I have no doubt that there was some evil at work. And while I know darkness can’t exist where there is Light....and that we have the Light and the blood of Jesus in us and surrounding us.....I do believe that something crazy was going on with her phone last night. And it started with that innocent google search of the occult.

All of this reminded me of that children’s song I learned in church, so long ago....”Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little feet where you go, be careful little mouth what you say, be careful little ears what you hear”.....and now I think we’d have to add, “be careful little hands what you type”. Because the internet has opened up a world that didn’t exist before to most of us.

And the Bible tells us that there is a spiritual war going on, good against evil. I believe Nance and I got a glimpse of that battle last night. We don’t walk afraid, because we know Who our Lord is. But we are even more aware today. And even more thankful for the power of God, and the blood and Light of Jesus.

And reminded that, “The Father up above is looking down with be careful little hands what you type.”

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