Girls Will Be

Posted on Jun 01, 2017 by Russell Brooks


From science tees to our signature “not-so-short” shorts, we give girls more options to express their individuality.

Options that celebrate the wide variety of girls’ interests and styles. Options that let girls be kids! Options you won’t find in most stores. Because our clothes break the mold in so many ways: 

  • An “In-The-Middle” Fit. Because girls need clothes that are comfortable and ready for action (not just skinny fits and short shorts!), without being boxy and oversized like most boys clothes. Learn more about our unique fit here.
  • Stereotype-Busting Graphics. Because nothing is only “for boys” (not science, not dogs without bows, not anything!), and girls are bold and awesome too (and deserve more than “cutesy” sayings on their shirts!)
  • Bold, Vibrant Colors. Because girls should have a choice of colors (not just pink and pastels!)
  • No Frills. Because not all girls want to wear sparkles and ruffles and bows (at least not all of the time!)
  • High Quality, Soft Fabrics. Because girls aren’t fragile and their clothes shouldn’t be either (our fabrics are super soft and lightweight, without being flimsy)
  • And Pockets! Because girls needs pockets for their stuff, just like boys!

Check out the Girls Will Be website - click here

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